William Clark Green / Ringling Road



William Clark Green‘s drive and enthusiasm is not only infectious, but he’s also always on board (and insistant) for us to stretch our creativity. It was over a year ago that he first came to us to talk about Ringling Road, with this grand scheme of a circus freak show gone awry based on the title track of the record which pivots on the Eastland, Texas lore surrounding Ringling Lake, and it’s supposed relation to the world-renowned circus family of the same name.

The resulting packaging design is just that, complete with all the performers and madness one might expect to see. If you look closely, you may even recognize some of the characters in this mad scene.

But that’s not even half of it. The passion and hard work that we put into this design work only pales in comparison to the music, itself. You need to hear this record! Get on over to iTunes to download a copy, and hit up WilliamClarkGreen.com to get your hard copy in the mail today!